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Denim Meets Digital

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Not Just Jeans

STRÖM Brand is a denim based American brand with Scandinavian roots and a European design aesthetic. The overall design is clean and sophisticated with a high fashion edge and appeal. Combined with the finest fabrics for superior tailoring, their look and comfort is unparalleled.

Language Arts

STRÖM needed a design agency who understood, lived, and breathed their business on brand, and could expose them to the next digital level. Luckily we speak fluent STRÖM.

The Brand Management Gang

We designed and developed a fully responsive ecommerce site for STRÖM and manage their digital analytics, SEM, and SEO strategies. As their brand stewards, we create and/or manage all deliverable content including social media, website and ecom updates, newsletters, brand and investor books, press, fit guides, and anything else that needs a voice.

Technology Development 24/7

New needs arise with all growing businesses. As designers, marketers, and programmers, most of those needs are in our wheelhouse. We closely work with STRÖM developing web-based systems as an integral part of their operations. Our custom application allows STRÖM to access their system securely from anywhere in a responsive format. They can manage assets, inventory, orders, invoicing, as well as numerous other apparel business functions from in the office or on the road.

Denim Experienced

STRÖM Brand denim combined with digital strategy and technology creates the full denim experience. Let us know what we can build for you.

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