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Structurally Engineered Marketing

Pivot is a team of structural engineers in Austin, TX who diagnose infrastructure issues worldwide. The problems they face day to day require a diverse range of skills such as forensics, construction, and fabrication, none of which we’re equipped to help with. Lucky for us, Pivot was also in need of branding, marketing, and a new website. This gave us an opportunity to provide our own ‘structural engineering’ in a digital fashion.

The Foundation

All buildings have one thing in common: the foundation. As Pivot will tell you, some are better than others and the entire project hinges on it. Similarly, a logo and identity system serve as the visual foundation for businesses. That’s why we started our our initiative with Pivot by designing their logo: a lettermark which references structure, dimension, perspective, and energy. The logo works in full-color, reduces down to 1-color (for certain printed applications like a hardhat), and paved the way for their entire brand.

Raise the Roofbeams

With the logo in place, we helped Pivot get their business off the ground with a fully-responsive website and various marketing collateral. We also helped implement social, SEM and SEO strategies to help spread the good word.

Built to Last

Our branding and marketing foundation for Pivot was built to serve them for years to come. Sports arenas, stadiums, medical centers, hotels, and bridges are now subject to some cool hardhats too. Send us a message to see what we can do for you.

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