Architectural resources redesigned

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The Business

LMI is a full service architectural resource firm that represents a broad range of brands, and develops innovative solutions for commercial and residential projects alike. The products they distribute are elegant and simple, and their installations are breathtaking. We tried to match their craftsmanship and aesthetic by building them a sleek and visually-striking site.

Our Resources are Different

Our resources are branding and technology. We designed and developed a logo and identity system for LMI to appropriately accompany the brands they carry. The logo represents water drops from one of the many water fixtures they represent in a powerful yet minimal manner. The rest of their identity system, business, and operational collateral flows effortlessly from that. We proudly represent their digital presence with a custom web-based product manager, and a newsletter application, and a fully-responsive website.

Turn water into design

Through design, branding and technology, we developed a series of systems to define and market LMI Architectural Resources in style. Let us know what we can build for you.

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