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Web-based GIS data system

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Vast Inventory

The GIS Inventory is a vast catalog of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) governmental data holdings maintained distributively by hundreds of participants from different federal, state, county and local governments across the United States. Reported data holdings are then indexed and distributed to the U.S. federal portal and are searchable via our custom-built map interface.

World Class

Our goal with the GIS Inventory was to build a world-class, web-based GIS data inventory system. To do this we needed a fast and powerful catalog system and supporting map display. We weighed the cost and our specific needs against web mapping products currently on the market. We decided that building a custom tile map server system was a reasonable approach with a lot of benefits. We actually needed two tile servers - one for the base raster map and another for GeoJson overlays.

Geospatial Metadata

Geospatial metadata is the standards-based format that GIS professionals use to document and share their map data. In order to integrate existing metadata into the GIS Inventory, we also built a Metadata Harvester and a GIS-data specific thesaurus. The thesaurus has thousands of configurable terms that point harvested metadata to the correct location in the Inventory.

Technology for Every Occasion

Technology is abundant, accessible, and essential for every project we take on. Defining our objectives and leveraging existing technology allowed us to build a complex system that accommodates the needs of the GIS Inventory exactly.

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