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Guiding the Arts

BTW Connect is a creative artist mentoring program designed to connect students with alumni from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (BTWHSPVSA). Current and recent BTW students now have the opportunity to keep in touch with professionals in their fields for guidance and advice.

Brand Beginnings

After defining the project and process, we created a logotype to help carry the idea forward. From there, we built a system to collect basic mentor information in order to populate new mentor pages, including headshot, bio, cluster(s), professional website(s), etc. One piece of information we didn't want floating around was each mentor's email address, so we hid those behind a simple AJAX contact form. When someone wants to contact a mentor, the initial request is sent through the website and the mentorís email remains hidden.

The Best Mentors are Responsive

One of the challenges of modern web development is accommodating the myriad of devices, displays, and browsers currently in use. Using an array of techniques such as CSS media-queries, server-side browser detection, and responsive design, we make sure to serve up the best version of BTW Connect for any given user. Whether or not a mentor gets back to you is out of our control, but we make sure each mentor looks great on your device.

Simply Connect

With our extensive design and development experience we built this simple web application in under two weeks. Now BTW students have the opportunity to engage with professionals in their field of interest and pursue their goals. Send us a message and let us know what we can build for you.

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